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Pippa & Plum’s journey began in 2017: a collection of maxi dresses for girls sizes 2-20, made from fabrics sourced all over the world, and stitched to perfection in NYC.
For all you Mamas of little girls, we present a collection for you and your littles- the ones who know that tadpoles are best caught with pink sparkly nails, and that ruffles are mandatory, and may or may not get caught in cartwheel races. For the girls who roll down grassy hills, believe that popsicles are non-negotiable, and that shoes are absolutely optional.
For all of you who have 30 seconds or less to get your child dressed, lest they escape out their door in their panties, this one is for you.

For you Mamas who want to throw everything into the washing machine at the end of the day, we’ve got your back. All our dresses are lab-tested to be 100% washable and durable.

And for your Mamas who know that before you blink, she’ll be chasing little ones of her own, we are enchanted that you have chosen to share your special journey with Pippa & Plum.

Follow us on Instagram @pippaandplum to join me on my Pippa & Plum journey! There you will catch behind the scenes photos showcasing the construction of each dress, some customer features, my own motherhood journey, and more fun!

Thank you for stopping by our site! I hope you will enjoy shopping our collection at boutiques near you!

If there is anything you need assistance with, please don’t hesitate to email me via the contact page!

Connie Wolf

Little girls, like butterflies, need no excuse
-Robert A. Heinlein